"King of the Hill" Past Champions (Below)

"KING OF THE HILL" (3:00pm/3:20pm)
The “King of the Hill” is considered one of four major events we have at the Ponds at Battle Creek. The others are: Club Championship, League Championship, and the Match Play Championship.

For those of you that do not know, The “King of the Hill” competition is very simple and works like this: 
  • Ten players will tee off the first hole
  • The player with the highest NET score will be eliminated from the “King of the Hill”
    • In the event of a tie, there will be a shoot-out with the tied players.
    • The tied players will hit a shot around the green determined by the King of the Hill Chairperson.
    • You can place your ball within one club-length
    • The player that finishes furthest from the hole is eliminated
    • Players that survive the first hole move on to the second hole repeating the sequence until we have one lone player standing on the 9th green and that player is declared the 2014 “King of the Hill”


There are TWO year end "King of the Hill" events. 
  1) One will be the traditional NET event that each player is eligible for with the winner receiving free golf for the remainder of the year.  The top 10 in the NET standings will qualify for the "King of the Hill".

  2) The other will be the Gross "King of the Hill".  This is how the gross division will be conducted:
     - All players are eligible for gross but it will cost a fee to enter ($10 buy-in)
The top 10 in the Gross standings, will qualify for the "King of the Hill" Gross division.  ***Note:  If you qualified for both “King of the Hill” shootouts; gross & net, you will have the option to choose which event you want to play in. You will have to decide
Payouts will be paid to the top three finishers in the GROSS "King of the Hill".
The Gross division will start before the net division on "King of the Hill" night.  The Net division will start at 3:20pm and the Gross division will tee off at 3:00pm SHARP. ***Plan ahead***

BOTH King of the Hill Champions receives FREE GREENS FEES for the remainder of the season!!!


2016 Gross - David Skordahl
2015 Net - Rick Starck


2015 Gross - Peach Larson
2015 Net - Jamie Erion


2014 NET - Steve Benyon



2014 GROSS - Matt Elfritz

2013 NET
- Tim Fagerstrom

2013 GROSS - Stacey Wahlstrom



2012 - Terry Rowan


2011 -
Don "The Donald" Danner


2010 - Tom "TK" Kleven

2009 - Tom "TK" Kleven

2008 - Scott "Edward" Albright


2007 - Dennis Kleven